[2011] 企劃面試 1

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標題: Re: [企劃] 企劃企劃企劃企劃企劃的企劃
時間: Wed Feb 16 06:16:14 2011

另外一家某R開頭Facebook Game開發公司

1. Identify the top 3 RPG games on Facebook and/or the web.
Against each game outline the high-level feature set
2. Select 1 of the top 3 RPG games from the prior question
and identify the feature that best drives the following
(1 feature per business objective) as well as
the key metric for each business objective:
1. Customer Acquisition
2. Retention
3. Monetization
3. Design an asynchronous Fight mechanic for a social RPG
whereby 1 player character engages in combat with 1 non-player character.
The actual theme and mechanics of the feature are at your discretion.
4. Develop a high-level project plan for how you’d bring a RPG game to market.
Be sure to identify your assumptions up-front and
to think through all the key dependencies.

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