[2011] 企劃面試 3

作者: xxxxx(一期一會) 看板: GameDesign
標題: Re: [企劃] 企劃企劃企劃企劃企劃的企劃
時間: Tue Feb 15 03:51:05 2011

這是我前年apply Blizzard summer intern的第三關試題(?沒記錯的話)
等過幾年經驗足夠一點在挑戰看看 Q_Q

PS. 我說的不是台灣或上海Blizzard 這邊指的是Irvine的開發部門

anyway 應徵的是item designer 以下是考題

Blizzard Entertainment MMO Item Design Intern Questionnaire

1. What games are you currently playing?

2. What are some of your favorite games of all time?

3. Which MMORPGS have you played? What levels did your characters reach?

4. Have you ever used any game editing tools before?
Have you ever made a mod for a game?
Are you familiar with applications such as Microsoft Excel?

5. Name an item from World of Warcraft that you thought was particularly fun.
What was good about the item? The art? The stats? The story?

6. Is haste a good stat for items? What kinds of classes or talent specs are
most interested in haste?

7. Name a set bonus that has appeared on any of World of Warcraft’s
tiered armor sets. Was it a useful bonus?
Was it overpowered or underpowered? Was it fun?

8. Imagine the encounter designers are implementing a new boss for
a 5-player dungeon that is a giant frog.
Your job is to create two new items that drop off this boss:
a new sword for tanking classes and a new sword for damage-dealers.
What kinds of stats would you put on each?
What would you name them?
If the artists asked what they should look like, what would you tell them?
Don’t worry about getting the balance or item budget just right.

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※ 編輯: xxxxx來自:       (02/15 03:52)
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推 wandererc:COOL!!                                                02/15 12:46
推 badken:對不起 我的英文不太好囧                                  02/15 13:23
推 KanoLoa:對不起 我也….囧                                       02/15 13:28
推 Kendai:如果問我電子競技的搞不好我有機會                         02/15 13:34
→ marlos:如果有人有興趣 我可以再丟其他家的考題出來 (笑)           02/15 16:48
推 newcinka:很有興趣 ._./  原PO方便分享嗎?  先謝謝了               02/16 05:35


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