[翻譯] Microsoft 發表 Xbox One 的獨立遊戲開發計畫

[翻譯] Microsoft 發表 Xbox One 的獨立遊戲開發計畫


Microsoft has unveiled its Xbox One indie developer self-publishing program.

微軟發表Xbox One獨立開發者計畫

Microsoft said it met with more than 50 developers to learn what they wanted from a self-publishing program, and ID@Xbox, as it’s known, is the result.


Under the new rules, each registered developer will receive two development kits at no cost, and developers will have access to the full power of the console, cloud services, Kinect and the Xbox Live toolset, which includes Xbox SmartGlass, multiplayer, Achievements and Gamerscore, among other things.

在這樣的規則下,每一位註冊的開發者都會免費收到兩套開發套件,開發者有對機器完整的權限,雲端服務,Kinect以及Xbox Live工具集,工具集中包含Xbox SmartGlass(跨裝置串流工具),多人,成就,分數等。

Applications to the ID@Xbox Program will be accepted from 20th August at If a developer is accepted, it will become a registered Xbox One developer.

從八月二十開始會接受對於ID@Xbox的應用程式的申請,假如審核通過的話就會開始成為一位Xbox One開發者。

Microsoft said this status will be granted “with priority" to independent game developers “who have a proven track record of shipping games on console, PC, mobile or tablet", suggesting Microsoft has stopped short of creating a true open platform in the vein of the App Store.

微軟說審核會依照"曾經有過發表家用平台,個人電腦,行動手持的經歷"為優先度。這表示微軟暫停進行一個App Store公開平台的計畫。

Crucially, there are no application fees, and as with Xbox 360, there are no fees for certification or title updates.


Developers will also benefit from a global support team, headed up by ID@Xbox director Chris Charla. Charla’s brief is to maintain personal communication with developers. Community managers will provide quick responses to submissions, and a number of events are planned to explain how the process will work.

獨立開發者會接受到一個全球支援團隊的協助,這個團隊會由ID@Xbox總監Chris Charla來領導,負責促進開發者之間的交流。社群經理將對提交有迅速的回應,並對這個計畫要如何運作舉辦一系列的活動。

A chief concern among indie devs is how their games will be discovered by gamers who use the Xbox One.

優先的考量將是嘗試發覺怎樣的玩家會使用Xbox One來玩獨立遊戲。

Microsoft said all games are located together on the Xbox One Store, and “rich search scenarios" using voice through Kinect will enable easy discoverability.

所有遊戲都會被放在同一個商城裡,一個語音觸發的搜尋機制"rich search scenarios"會提高找尋的容易度。

Trending will showcase what friends and the community are playing, Recommendations will bring forward new games based on what you like to play, Spotlight showcases Editor Picks and, with the Xbox One’s Game DVR and Upload feature, new games will be found as gamers capture and share videos. Developers will also be able to create special events out of Achievements and Challenges.

社群趨勢會將好友與社群正在遊玩的遊戲顯示給玩家,推薦遊戲是玩家喜歡玩的遊戲類型,關注類則是顯示受到關注的內容,搭配Xbox One的上傳特色。透過玩家擷取畫面或影片時將可發現新遊戲。開發者將能夠創造除了成就與挑戰之外特殊的事件。

The initial phase of the program will begin this autumn, but longer term Microsoft plans to enable any Xbox One console to be used as a development kit for self-publishing purposes. “This means that any hobbyist with a great game idea can make it come to life on Xbox One," Microsoft said.

這個計畫的初始階段將開始於秋天,但長遠地說微軟計畫開放任何Xbox One都能有這樣的功能。也就是任何愛好者所想到的遊戲好點子都能帶到Xbox One上。

“We know Xbox fans will fall in love with the quality and diversity of games on our platform," Marc Whitten, Xbox Chief Product Officer, said. “We are committed to ID@Xbox and are fully invested in helping independent developers succeed on Xbox One."

“我們很清楚Xbox玩家會愛上這個平台高品質與多樣性的遊戲"產品總經理Marc Whitten如此說"我們承諾會對獨立開發者提估協助直到他們在平台上成功。"

Microsoft EMEA boss Phil Harrison added: “I am really looking forward to the diversity and creativity of games that will come to Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program. We’ve worked with the community of developers to craft a platform that helps creators self-publish on Xbox One – irrespective of their size or location."

微軟歐非總裁Phil Harrison補充"我希望遊戲的多樣性與創意會透過ID@Xbox計畫傳達到Xbox One。我們已經建立了一個平台來協助創作者在Xbox One上自行發布,不論遊戲的大小或地區。"

One indie developer already convinced by Microsoft’s new initiative is SpyParty creator Chris Hecker: “I’m really excited that Microsoft has listened to feedback from developers and created this program," he said.

“As an independent developer, I want SpyParty to be available to as many players as possible, and it feels like Microsoft is interested in not only removing roadblocks for indies to get their games on Xbox One, but they’re also genuinely interested in finding ways to bring new and innovative indie games to their platform to help games reach their potential as an art and entertainment form."

一位獨立開發者,SpyParty的創作者,Chris Hecker已經同意微軟這項提議"我很興奮微軟回應開發者來推動這個計畫"。"身為一個獨立開發者,我希望SpyParty能夠盡可能的推廣,微軟不只想要移除這樣的障礙,他們更希望能引導創新的獨立遊戲到這個平台上,讓遊戲的潛在藝術與娛樂性提升。"


The ID@Xbox program enables qualified game developers of all sizes to unleash their creativity by self-publishing digital games on Xbox One.

ID@Xbox計畫將支援夠資格的遊戲開發者帶著各種大小的遊戲藉著Xbox One上自我發布數位遊戲的方式釋放創意

We’d love for you and your team to apply to become a registered developer for Xbox One. Once that happens, we can get you the tools you need to create great content on Xbox One. It starts with us providing you two Xbox One development kits, as well as access to a full suite of developer documentation, developer forums, etc.

我們希望你與你的團隊成為一個Xbox One的遊戲開發者。一旦如此,我們會交付給你能在Xbox One上創造內容的工具。包含兩套開發工具。以及完全的權限來取得文件,論壇等。

In addition, we’re going to be developing documentation for registered ID@Xbox developers that explains some details you’ll need for console publishing, such as getting ratings, addressing geopolitical policies, etc. We’re also going to be providing some best practices for things like promotion and marketing – things that aren’t directly related to coding games, but that can have a big effect on your success. Our goal is to give you the tools your studio needs to maximize your success on Xbox One.


Here’s a chart of the process, it’s pretty straightforward:


  1. 成為一個已註冊的開發者
  2. 提交遊戲資訊與標題
  3. 發布遊戲到Xbox One的商城

Once your kits are up and running, you’ll be ready to submit a game information form so that we can understand what you are building and how we may be able to help with the development and discovery of your game. That’s the beginning of the Title License Agreement (TLA) process. After your submission is reviewed, you will receive a Title ID for your project and you’re good to go!


When you’re getting ready to submit your game for certification and release, you’ll get in contact with our release managers who will take you through the process. Again, we’ll have documentation available so you’ll know what’s expected and needed to have a smooth certification process that enables you to get your game to players as quickly as possible.




What are the criteria for becoming a member of ID@Xbox?


Of course, we’ll be evaluating each developer application individually on its own merits, but in the initial phase of ID@Xbox, we are looking for professional independent game developers who have a proven track record of shipping games on console, PC, mobile, or tablet. We want to ensure your success in your development effort on Xbox One. Developing and publishing a console game is not trivial!

我們會個別審核每一個開發者的經歷,在ID@Xbox的第一階段,我們尋找的是專業的獨立開發者,曾經有發布過家用平台,個人電腦,行動手持的遊戲經歷。我們要確保在Xbox One平台上你會成功。做一個家用主機遊戲並不簡單。

Our longer term plan is that anyone with a retail Xbox One will be able to develop, publish, and sell their game on Xbox Live.

長遠的計畫是我們打算每一個零售的Xbox One主機都能夠在Xbox Live上開發,發布,並販售遊戲。

What is the game information form like? What are the standards?


The game information form is simply a form that all Xbox One games submit to tell us more information about their game.


In terms of content, we’re not interested in enabling vulgar, offensive, or objectionable games on Xbox One. At the same time, we’re not trying to be censors. We’re applying reasonable, common sense guidelines. If you look at the huge variety of games that have shipped on Xbox 360, you have a very good idea of the breadth of content at all rating bands that we’re excited to have on Xbox One.

在內容方面,我們不希望有粗俗的,攻擊性的,針對性的遊戲出現在Xbox One平台。同時我們也不響控制言論自由,會依據理性,共同可理解的標準。假如你觀察在Xbox 360上大量多樣性的遊戲,就可以知道在不同尺度下的各種遊戲都能在Xbox One上發表。

Do ID@Xbox games have to go through certification?


Yes. Certification ensures that we deliver high quality games to Xbox players that won’t break or behave inappropriately. We have release managers who will help you navigate the certification process, as well as clear documentation available on certification requirements, such as acquiring ESRB or other ratings. Also, this is probably as good a place as any to mention that we do not charge publishers or developers to update their games on Xbox, and there is no limit on how many updates you can make to a game on Xbox One.


Where will my game be on the Marketplace?


On Xbox One all games are treated as equal. We are committed to making discoverability good for everyone. There are three places customers will find new games. First is the spotlight which is curated by Xbox. Second is trending, which highlights what’s popular with your friends and the Xbox Live community. And third is recommendations, which is based on what you and your friends like to play.
在Xbox One所有遊戲都將視為平等。我們承諾對每個遊戲的曝光度將會相同。玩家會有三種方法找遊戲:第一是Xbox定義的關注度,第二是同好趨勢,那些朋友社群都在玩的遊戲。第三是推薦,基於玩家或社群喜歡玩的種類。

Can I use my retail kit as a development kit?


As part of our vision for enabling everyone with an Xbox One to be a creator, we absolutely intend to enable people to develop games using their retail kits. Right now, though, you still need a development kit! We provide two kits to everyone in the registered developer program. Additional kits, if needed, can be purchased.

如同我們希望讓每個人都能在Xbox One上擔任創作者,我們當然傾向讓人們可以使用零售機開發遊戲,但目前為止,你仍需要一個開發工具。我們提供兩套開發工具給每個通過註冊的開發者。額外的開發工具可以另購。

Will ID@Xbox have full access to everything else that First and Third Party games have?


Yes. Developers in ID@Xbox have full access to the Live stack and support the exact same features as all other digital content on Xbox One – full support for multiplayer, Game DVR, Kinect, in-game transactions, updates, DLC, SmartGlass, etc. Bottom line: if a feature is supported on Xbox One, games in ID@Xbox can take advantage of it.

是的,ID@Xbox的開發者有著與其他數位內容相同的權限,包含多人連線,遊戲上傳機制,Kinect,商城,更新,下載,跨裝置串流工具等。也就是假如Xbox One提供了任何一項特色,那麼ID@Xbox就可以善用它。


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