[翻譯] Touch Arcade 需要你幫忙才能走下去


[翻譯] Touch Arcade 需要你幫忙才能走下去

Touch Arcade is creating iPhone Game News, Reviews and Forums
We’ve been covering iOS gaming since 2008, and don’t want to stop anytime soon.
Touch Arcade一直都在製作iPhone手機遊戲新聞,回顧,及論壇。

TouchArcade is the internet’s largest and oldest iOS gaming site. We’ve been covering iPhone gaming since before the App Store even launched with early stories such as Gameloft showing interest in the iPhone, Unity announcing upcoming iPhone support, and more. Since then, our team of writers, which consists of the most dedicated iOS gamers on the planet, are constantly pumping out news, reviews, guides, interviews, and all sorts of other great content while keeping their fingers on the pulse of iOS gaming 24 hours a day. We’ve got an amazingly popular podcast we’ve been recording weekly for years now, and the most active iOS gaming forums on the internet hosting discussions of quite literally every major event and game release, from Freecell to Chaos Rings III, in iOS gaming history.
TouchArcade是網路上最大且最資深的iOS遊戲網站。我們自App Store創立以來就關注iPhone遊戲,我們做過Gameloft轉入iPhone市場的新聞,Unity開始支援iPhone的新聞。自當時起,我們團隊的作家群,就是地球上最專注的iOS玩家,持續產出新聞,回顧,攻略,訪問。這讓他們一天二十四小時划手機。這幾年來每周我們都發出驚人廣為流傳的訊息。同時我們也是網路上最活躍的iOS遊戲論壇,每次有重大活動與遊戲釋出,都產生大量流量。

Over the years, we have been on the ground floor of iOS gaming as it has evolved from simple tilt-based maze games to full-fledged recent console game ports like BioShock. It’s been an exciting and entirely unpredictable ride, as iOS gamers rarely know what’s getting released from week to week until the games are revealed in our weekly new iPhone games coming tonight posts. While the mainstream media largely ignores mobile gaming, we’ve discovered countless hidden gems of the App Store, sat down with legendary game developers, met with world-renowned pro skaters, discovered unheard of indie studios which have become household names, and all sorts of other crazy things. We’re considered the authority on iOS gaming, and have an audience that includes gamers and developers all over the world, as well as visitors from nearly every level of Apple.
這幾年,當iOS遊戲從簡單的迷宮遊戲變為像是生化奇兵端遊等級成熟的遊戲。成長令人興奮及無法預期,從當時沒人知道新遊戲的發布,到現在玩家會固定上我們網站來看發布。當主流媒體忽視行動遊戲,我們已經發現了無數App Store上的樸石,及那些傳奇遊戲開發者及專業玩家。我們也發掘了獨立工作室,現在他們已經家喻戶曉。我們被認為是iOS遊戲的專家,也培養了一群支持觀眾,其中包含全世界的玩家,開發者,當然包含每天發現這裡的的Apple顧客。

When TouchArcade was born, the App Store was a very different place, and our web site was structured around the tried and true idea of building a great place for iOS gamers to visit every day and financing the day to day costs of that operation by providing a platform for iOS developers to target those gamers via unobtrusive, highly relevant, banner ads. For a long time it worked great, as iOS games were sold for years with a very traditional mindset of selling a game for a few dollars, and marketing that game with a small advertising budget. As the iOS industry grew, sites like TouchArcade thrived.
TouchArcade誕生之際,App Store跟現在很不相同,我們的網站是希望成能提供iOS玩家每天都能發現實驗性與新想法的地方,希望提供一個給iOS開發者能夠設定目標消費者的平台。而我們的網站是以未遮蔽的廣告來支撐。一直以來這樣都運作的不錯,尤其是當時iOS上的遊戲都是以小額定價付費來下載,並以一點點廣告預算來行銷。當iOS的產業成長,TouchArcade也生意興隆。

Unfortunately, the iOS game industry has changed drastically. Needless to say, the App Store of 2015 is a very different place. Free to play games have almost entirely taken over, and the hyper-metrics-driven business models of giant free to play developers has given rise to a new form of analytics-driven marketing known as user acquisition. Instead of buying banner ads on sites like TouchArcade to reach consumers, marketing a new free to play iOS game involves funneling often hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) in to companies whose sole purpose is to run elaborate in-app promotion networks to get people to download a new free to play game. In the face of this new style of game marketing, traditional advertising revenue has all but completely dried up, and TouchArcade is dying.
不幸地,iOS遊戲產業產生劇烈變化。不由分說,2015年的App Store已經不同以往。免費遊戲開始變成主流,變為透過一個免費遊玩開發商精心計畫過的商業模式,透過數據行銷來獲得使用者。他們不購買網站的廣告,而是砸下行銷費用利用其他遊戲來做遊戲間導流。面對這樣的新型態行銷,傳統的廣告收益就開始枯竭,TouchArcade正快要關門了。

At the height of the early days of the App Store, there were dozens of iOS gaming sites covering every conceivable angle imaginable. In recent years, with the shift to free to play and lack of financial support from developers, nearly all of those sites have shut down- Leaving us among the last standing. The few that remain now have either drastically downsized, diversified into covering other platforms, are shifting business models to host developer events instead, are producing significantly less content, or worse yet, are publishing far less interesting content through focusing on padding traffic via exclusively posting things ultra-casual free to play gamers might be searching Google for. We could potentially gain a small stay of financial execution by exploring the option of sponsored posts, obnoxious advertising, and other ways to generate revenue to keep the site alive, but they all come with the significant side effect of making the site worse for our readers… Which doesn’t make them seem like viable options at all, as our community is everything to us.
在App Store的早期,有十數種從不同角度來報導iOS遊戲的網站。最近幾年因為遊戲轉變為免費遊玩,網站就缺乏開發商的資助,也因此都關門大吉,像我們一樣死撐著。像我們一樣的網站不是極度瘦身,轉進新平台,就是改為報導開發者活動,甚至是減少業務量,更糟糕的是隨者主流媒體發布那些免費遊玩從Google就能搜尋到的產品。我們現在仍有一點點業配文,遮蔽廣告,及其他方式的財務資源來讓我們的網站活著,但那些東西是飲鴆止渴,會讓我們網站的內容逐漸變糟糕。顯然那些不是好的出路,我們的社群才是價值所在。

For TouchArcade to survive, we need your help.

We want to continue our focus on all the amazing things happening inside the world of iOS gaming without compromising our focus or diminishing the experience for our readers. We want to keep providing incredibly in-depth reviews of obscure games you might not have heard about otherwise, we want to keep shining spotlights on sleeper indie classics, and we want to keep the internet’s best iOS gamer community alive and healthy. We want to continue exploring the specialized corners of the App Store no one knows about. It’s hard to imagine how boring iOS gaming would be without a site like TouchArcade to highlight the massive amount of incredible games that slip between the cracks of Apple’s featuring system, and where the studios behind those games would be without us bringing attention to their efforts.
我們希望專注在這世界上驚人的iOS遊戲,而非妥協或忽略讀者的體驗。我們希望從無人知曉的地方發掘遊戲,並提供無與倫比有深度的回顧文章。我們希望繼續發掘沉睡的獨立開發者,維持這一個iOS最棒的社群,讓他能發掘App Store的各個角落。很難想像沒有了TouchArcard來報導那些被Apple忽略沒有精選的遊戲,以及沒有那些遊戲背後的工作室沒辦法被知曉,這世界會變成怎樣。

With your Patreon support we will be able to keep doing all those things and more for a very, very long time.


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